It’s an ongoing resolution

From: ********@*****.net
Sent: Fri 1/14/11 10:46 AM
To: ; ; cbl*; ;
Dave and all,

I want you to know that my New Years resolution is to send you, Dave
and Michelle to jail. Need I explain why? Dave, you gave Michelle a
undisclosed amount of money that was my Grandfather’s. While he is still
alive that money is for his health care. Dave, when I told you that
Michelle is living off that money and using it to flip condos you did
nothing. You are partially responsible for that.

My next resolution is to strip you of the Vanguard award and to make
you lose you pension for being morally corrupt. I believe your past
employment came with an ethics clause. (Hopefully you will lose the
lifetime achievement award you got on founders day.)

I always wondered why you notified me 3 days after my mother had a
stroke while you were in AZ. I just want to say Thank You! for including me
in that mass e-mail. That left me to wonder why you never called or told me
when you took her to the hospital the night I believe it was Sept. 26th or
29th of 2006. If I remember right you said that she was trying to cut an
onion with a spoon, then you realized that there was a problem and took her
to the ER. Why didn’t you call anyone then? Why was my mother in a coma by
the time I got to see her last. She seemed to be alert before she went to
surgery. How many hours passed while you sat there w/o telling me or my
sister that she was in the hospital?

You made a choice that night dave. One I won’t let you forget. Here is
a reminder of something you said to me while she was dying in the ICU.
‘It’s like winning the lottery’.

Remember sitting at that round table in the waiting room to the ICU
Dave? You told everyone at that table that you would follow her wishes. You
also said you would take Michelle and I to Venice to spread her ashes. Was
it 3 or 4 months after she passed that you sent us an e-mail that said:

“–Forwarded Message Attachment–
Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2007 10:22:01 -0600
Subject: Venice

Dear Nick and Michelle, I returned late last night from Venice. I took much
of your mother’s ashes. I say most as I saved a little. I would like to
find a place where the rest can be placed permanently so that we all can
visit if you wish. I am not good with a camera, but I took pictures of some
of her favorite places where I put ashes. As soon as I have them I will
send you copies. I hope they turn out o. k. I return to Tucson tomorrow. I
think your Mom would have been very happy with the places I chose. I hope
probate is finished soon. David”


No I was mistaken it was 7 months…. 7 months went by Dave. Take a
guess of how long it was before you mailed me the rest of my mother’s
ashes. I have another question. Did you even wait a year after my mother
passed to get married? Is what Michelle said true? That you took your new
wife to Venice to spread our mother’s ashes before you were married? No
wonder you forgot that you said you would take Michelle and I to Venice.
Dave, Susan L. Bailey was our mother before she was your wife.

You NEVER followed my mother’s memorandum, that will was supposed to be
handled by Northern Trust and you knew it. You can not be in a position of
trust. You are beyond selfish, rude, and a complete jackass. I truly
believe that your entire family is shit. Did you have money donated in my
mother’s name to the MS society for your sister? I’m it sure wasn’t for me.
I don’t have MS Dave. I had an infection. Remember Dave, I saw that
amendment to her will sitting on her ironing board, in her room signed by
both of you before you went to Africa. I even noticed that she had signed
it several months before you. That was the same document that sat on the
table at the hospital face down while you were talking to Carol Buchanan
Lay. Not a medical PoA.

Dave, You told me at that same table that you didn’t even know how to
spell my name, after I saw the pamphlet you had Debbie make for her ‘Life
Celebration’ and it said ‘Nick’ instead of ‘Nicholas’. What name did my
mother give me when I was born? How long were you married? You didn’t even
know how to spell my name. (Maybe you should have asked Debbie to find the
correct spelling of my name off of the bank account that my mother has left
for me.) My mother doesn’t have any grand children Dave, they are step
grand children at least the Rocky Mtn News got it right.

Do you remember when we met at Jax’s on Dec 23, 2006, for my birthday I
think, even though my birthday is on the 26th. I tried to tell you about
the 3 items that my mother and I talked about through her life, you had a
smirk on your face and You said ‘everything belongs to me.’ then laughed.
Then you sent me an e-mail the next day trying to apologize for what you
said to me. Want to re-read that mail?

“—–Original Message—–
From: David Bailey  mailto:
Sent: Sunday, December 24, 2006 6:10 AM
To: Nicholas Bailey
Subject: last night

Nick, I am sorry about last night. I am going through the worst thing in my
life, but I apologize. The only thing your mom ever said to me was” take
care of Nick if something should happen to me”. I will . love David See
you Monday at 2:15″


Well Dave, something happened to my mother. I really don’t think she
would have wanted my health insurance to laps w/o telling me. Didn’t you
let it laps last December and you never told me?

All my mother ever told me about was her car (saab), her fur coat, and
her wedding ring that isn’t ‘yours’. And she also had a bank account for me
that holds the money from my Grandmother’s house sale along with a CD that
she had for me when I was young. Check #3162 Dave. Let me know when you
want to give me my money. Sooner would be better than later for you and
your family. I believe that I was supposed to receive that money before her
estate went to probate.

I will die trying to sue you and make sure your whole family broke. I
will defend my mother’s name, wishes and memories.

I have been picking up cigarette butts for the past few years Dave. I
steal food from stores when I don’t find enough change on the street to buy
ramen noodles for $0.17. I believe I have lost almost 50 lbs now. That
would put me around the 120lbs range.

Dave before you go to jail, please send me you Credit Card # so I can
buy a laptop and about 20 pizzas.

I want you to know one more thing David E. Bailey. You son, James D.
Bailey molested me when I was 13 and we lived in Ft. Collins. If he did it
to me then he probably did it to someone else, maybe even his own children.

Go to Hell with your disgusting family Dave, and you better be in prison by
the end of the year.

Nicholas Bailey~  (posted Oct. 31st, 2011)


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