Why do you need a law firm?

I am in a tough position.. for the past 3 (4) years I have been trying to find a law firm to help me enforce my mother’s memorandum after she passed away, she was Susan L. Bailey. Since then, I have also found out that my step-father has hidden money from me. He was the President and CEO of United Bank Denver, Norwest, and Wells Fargo Denver, Colorado and Wyoming. (Dave, according to her will. It all belongs to me now, houses, accounts and everything else. Have fun in prison my man.)

I later learned that my half-sister who had personal care over my Grandfather was spending his money on flipping condos, and was living off of it. I have been to the Denver DA’s office, and the FBI. No one has contacted me yet.

I have also recently learned that someone I love and care about in California, is being manipulated. by that I mean she isn’t being allowed to read her e-mails, call people. I believe she is being controlled in the worse sense. To the best of my knowledge this has been going on for over 2 years for her. I had a brief e-mail conversation with her several months ago, and she hasn’t replied yet. (I now believe that it was her captors that I was communicating with – 9/24/11) I would also like to define ‘worse sense’ I believe she was or is currently being bound, beaten, and raped.

 Please call the FBI in Los Angeles…. 7-14-11 1:43pm MST

Call the FBI in L.A. please.. anyone… 7-15-11 11:05am MST

Can someone call the FBI in Los Angeles please. 7-16-11 2:22pm MST

I don’t believe that anyone has called the FBI in Los Angeles yet… 7-20-11 10:57am

I’ll post an update after the FBI contacts me back. 9-29-11 10:50 am


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