Webform conformation number: 5RJ9E 10/25/11

From: Nicholas Bailey 
Sent: Tue 10/25/11 11:30 AM
To: CIA (entertainmentliaison@ucia.gov)
To the Central Intelligence Agency:     Webform conformation number: 5RJ9E
I requested assistance. I need the FBI to start doing their job, or you. I dont know if you are watching live right now. I am packed and ready to be taken somewhere safe. the FBI isnt doing anything, nor is anyone else. No one is upholding the law. The mics were on sunday. I heard the feedback. you are monitoring me for no reason, you should have talked to me. Im not safe here. I dont need to be watched I need protection and to be escorted somewhere safe.
Im packed. still need my laptops.
Nicholas Bailey

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