Webform conformation number: VJW6C 11/03/11

From: Nicholas Bailey
Sent: Thu 11/03/11 12:41 PM
To: CIA (entertainmentliaison@ucia.gov)
To the Central Intelligence Agency:   Webform conformation number:   VJW6C
Can one one your Daring assassins pick up a copy of my mothers will? Which one is a lawyer? Can one of them hit on me and take me out to dinner? I’ll expect someone that represents you either today or tomorrow, along with some FBI representatives.
I feel like everyone has a gun and I only carry a pen. 
Still waiting for my laptops and to be escorted to safety.. left you a msg on livejournal. How’s my resume coming along? Do I get a gun? <– (Was also considered strange and an unusual comment and was used to help claim I am a danger to others.) 6/12                               12MH136
As a reminder, my sister gave me that copy of our mothers will before she was trying to have me committed.
Who makes the FBI do their job?
Nicholas Bailey

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