You’re screwed Dave (Im just trying to make my mother proud)

From: Nicholas –
Sent: Fri 10/21/11 11:57 AM
Hello Dave,
I would like you to Vacate my mother’s houses, and have your new family kicked out. I would also like you to know you and them will be arrested for violation my mother’s will. According to The last will and testament of Susan L. Bailey you had 3 options in a 90 day period. your 90 days are up.
Her houses, Accounts that had her name on them, Personal possessions all belong to me now. Her will is protected by colorado state law.
I have notified the FBI that you have been stealing money, and possessions for the last 4 years. I also want to make your new married family fully aware that I will send them to prison also..  (Spoiler)
Along with Debbie, Ted, Carol, Michelle..

Please let Anne E. Auld know that she needs to return all of her jewelry, it belonged to me 90 days after her passing.. You can also pass the same message to your child molesting son James D. Bailey..
here is something for you to read..  
If my mother’s ring and fur coat are ruined or have been in someone else’s possessions… They will be going to prison. This also includes dishes, glass, paperclips… ALL of her possessions, Birthday gifts, wedding gifts. etc…
Understand me Dave.. I hate your fucking family..
You are going to prison, and I know all of you are fully aware…
Nicholas Bailey.

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