Thanksgiving Day E-Mail

From: Nicholas Bailey
Sent: Wed 11/16/11 11:57 AM
To: CIA (;;;;;;;;;;

To the Central Intelligence Agency:          Web Form Conformation Numbers: 7ZTX3, XylophoneHotelHeloZulu4flowerJuliet, -..-   ….   ….   –..  ….-  .—, UAVC3M, VJW6C, etc…        

10-35: Meal

10-40: Acknowledge

10-10: Escort/transport                                                              

I will start from the beginning,

Hello, My name is Nicholas Bailey. DOB December 26 1974. On February 22nd 2011 I sent the FBI an email. In that email I told the FBI there was a problem in Denver. Since January I have been trying to find help for my situation. I first started by going to the Denver DAs office. After a month of getting the run around I started emailing the FBI.

While I was trying to contact a Denver DA, I had a run in with Joe Morales. We went into the DAs office and had a meeting. He should still have a tape recording of that meeting. I tried to remind him that I was a Grand Juror in 2008.

After the Denver DAs office brushed me off, I started emailing the FBI. I sent the FBI several emails and web forms. In those emails were pervious email attachments so that the FBI could be filled in. I also expected that the FBI would contact me back.

Since july 2007, I have been trying to find some way to enforce my mothers WILL she passed on October 2nd 2006. My step-father David E. Bailey. Has been trying to hide/cover up/change my mothers will. He is under the impression that he doesnt have to follow a will that is protected by Colorado and United States law.

David E. Bailey use to be the president and CEO of a local Bank in the state of colorado. It was called United bank, United bank was bought by Norwest corp where he remained president of the Denver Bank and ran the state. Once Norwest bought Wells Fargo he still remained president of the Denver Bank (1700 Broadway) and he was given another state to run. By that time he was in charge of Wells Fargo Colorado and Wyoming.

While I was emailing the FBI in February, I started to send those emails to my friends around the country. After a few months of NO CONTACT, I wanted to make sure all of my friends had copies of my situation. I seem to have stumbled onto something while I was trying to find my friends. One of them seemed to have a larger problem than I did. Her name is Tina Nguyen (Fey) DOB June 14th, 1990.

In May I started emailing another government institution. The Central Intelligence Agency. Once again after multiple web forms and several emails plus a few printed out and signed letters stating that I have a friend that is under duress, and my own life is in danger.

I also mailed that one letter to yet another Government institution.

I guess my next step will be to go to (Quote) one of the nations oldest federal investigative law enforcement agencies. (Quote) The United States Secret Service.

I would like you to know that I find it hard to live on 100 dollars a month. I believe my missing best friend and girl friend is not alive anymore.

The United States Secret Service is YOUR last chance.

Nicholas Bailey

(Current Address)

Im in danger.

embeded. only if you’re blind


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