You were America’s last line of defense..

From: Nicholas Bailey
Sent: Thu 6/23/11 10:59 AM
To: CIA (

To the Central Intelligence Agency –                    Web form conformation number: RJ3MS                                     June, 23rd
My name is Nicholas Bailey, * **** ** **** ******* ** ****** *** ***** I hope you have received my letters by now, I also mailed a copy to *** ************ ** *********** **. (**** ****** *** *****)
I need your assistance to do the following:
1. I would like **** ****** ***** ** **** ***** ** ** ******, while:
2. We wait for ** **** **** ** ****** ***:
3. for a law firm ** *** ****** ** ******* ** ****. 

I will gladly reimburse the Central Intelligence Agency for all escort expenses and also for my dell cart. I would just like you to be involved incase something happens to me while we are waiting for a law firm. Please help.
Nicholas Bailey


As you can see here in this e-mail to the Central Intelligence Agency, that it is accompanied by a web form conformation number.

He has already told the C.I.A. that he has been cheated out of his mothers will by the fat lady and his step-father David E. Bailey.   He is owed millions of dollars by his step-father and he was asking for help in trying to find a way to get this money. 

He even offered to pay for the rescue expenses. Unknown to the C.I.A. and the FBI that they elected to do nothing. You have taken oaths uphold the law and to protect American Citizens.

Note: in his last communication to the C.I.A. and State Dept, he requested protection from another country.  (Asylum) For the threat of  persecution, in the United States of America.

 –You were America’s last line of defense. You have lost the ability to distinguish the difference between right and wrong. You lack the ability to understand and comprehend.

I will defend myself from any and all of you until I am rescued, I will use lethal force if it is deemed necessary. (Judge in the Denver Court system though this comment was proof enough that I am a threat to others. It didn’t read as well as I expected in tracscripts. The meaning of my words seemed to be lost to the courts.)6/12      12MH060 – letter

Nicholas Bailey  12-22-11


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