reply to the pretty lady ;)


Still seeking asylum out of this country. Still owed 700 Million USD, and I am still locked out of my house. Anyone can call me anytime.
**9-12-2012 – I hope someone comes to help me soon.  It’s very cold outside and I have no where to sleep while it rains. Its very cold in Denver Colorado.I am still being kept from my house, and from my mothers estate.

**9-17-12  Please stop blocking my phone calls and my e-mails.  I work at 1443 Kalamath st Denver Co.  Its very cold outside and I am still locked out of my house.  I am still sleeping outside. I need to find someone to stay with.

If you do not get my voice mail your call to me was rerouted. 720-369-6685

Nicholas Bailey


2 Responses to “reply to the pretty lady ;)”

  1. Mr. Bailey,

    Your personal property that was moved from your previous residence has been placed in storage. I would like to assist in having it returned to you. Please contact me at your convenience so that we can work towards having your property returned to you as quickly as possible.

    Thank you,


    Scott M. Snow, Director
    Victim Assistance Unit
    Denver Police Department
    1331 Cherokee Street
    Denver, Colorado 80204

    • Scott Snow was contacted twice. Both times his stories did not fit the description of the events that transpired. one time he informed me that the unapproved and illegally voted on HOA board didn’t want me in the building. The second he refused to inform me the location of my personal possessions. He also refused to acknowledge the laws protecting my rights in this matter and he failed to produce an itemized list of my possessions that were taken to an unknown storage facility and I was never given the name of a Denver county sheriff that cataloged my possessions. Mr. Snow also refused to acknowledge that no F.E.D. was ever filed in the Denver county courts while i was being illegally held and my right to a trial was being ignored. To this day I am still awaiting trial for the HOA ticked I received on 1/10/12 for disturbing the peace and trespassing that I plead not guilty to twice and I was held in the DDC for 31 day awaiting trial with out a public defender. Where on the 31st day I was illegally transferred to Denver Health and placed on my 11th consecutive mental health hold and admitted by a “therapist” Dr.Chamberless who concocted a story that was completely fabricated. Dr. Chamberless never attended my certification hearing.

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