Waiting to leave this country Web Form – JJG267

stay off of my facebook, e-mail accounts and away from my job. you are in direct violation of United States Law.

I am still waiting to see Carrie K’s subpoena.  I would also like to see the subpoena where you have the right to block my phone calls.

I am currently seeking asylum away from the united states of america. I am also owed around 700 Million United States Dollars.

I have been kept from my house since January 10th 2012 by the city government of Denver Colorado while all of my possession were removed from my house by criminals (This includes 2 copies of the Last will and Testament of Susan L. Bailey and all instruments I.E. The Susan L. Bailey Revocable Trust.). Criminals with past records of this same behavior. All of my possessions have been reported stolen in some form or another including phone calls to the Denver DA’s office and police.

**Not included**

Nicholas Bailey – Asylum Seeker, Denver Colorado. 720-369-6685.

First request for assistance was on 12/16/11 after a year of e-mailing the FBI and Central Intelligence Agency w/o a response.
Still sleeping outside as of 9/25/12


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