Public notice and distress message.

From: Nicholas – (
Sent: Thu 12/12/13 9:31 AM
To: Michelle : (

Michelle, you have seem to have lost touch with reality. The games are over now. I’m sorry you never got help. It very possible you have leprosy and you are a criminal. If you have something important to say then say it. You are not a parent in any way. Your judgment and choices that you have made over the last 5 years are criminal acts.

Your ignorance causes harm to others. You act like a baby. You lie and steal. The United States is under a biological attack and chemical attack.

You keep trying to direct me into harms way… you have my money. You stole my clothing. Who will help you?

I can’t stand your stupidity. You needed help… by my birth right and as a Prince and leader to England I pronounce you unfit to care for yourself and a criminal.

Prince Nicholas Bailey, beloved son of Princess Susan L. Storla, and Grandson to Princess Margaret, Granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth the Second.


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