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felony stalking

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Lets see… the farms here need the rain. All the clouds are going to be gone if the Denver/ Ft. Collins/Wyoming people don’t leave. You have no business in South Dakota. This also includes the squatter/felons from Anaheim California. I’m under the understanding you have all been asked to leave South Dakota once before.


Please send help, any kind of help

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Someone please help I’m being harassed and threatened by fake Jefferson county police in Applewood Golden Colorado 80401. Help

Public notice and distress message.

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From: Nicholas – (
Sent: Thu 12/12/13 9:31 AM
To: Michelle : (

Michelle, you have seem to have lost touch with reality. The games are over now. I’m sorry you never got help. It very possible you have leprosy and you are a criminal. If you have something important to say then say it. You are not a parent in any way. Your judgment and choices that you have made over the last 5 years are criminal acts.

Your ignorance causes harm to others. You act like a baby. You lie and steal. The United States is under a biological attack and chemical attack.

You keep trying to direct me into harms way… you have my money. You stole my clothing. Who will help you?

I can’t stand your stupidity. You needed help… by my birth right and as a Prince and leader to England I pronounce you unfit to care for yourself and a criminal.

Prince Nicholas Bailey, beloved son of Princess Susan L. Storla, and Grandson to Princess Margaret, Granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth the Second.

come here please.

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come here please.

need escort




For King and Country

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Will a beautiful Chinese woman marry me?

Can someone come and get me or check on me a.s.a.p? I would love to go to China now.  I hope this can be seen.

Reply to Neil Burk


New Job openings in the U.K.!

New Job openings in the U.K.!


I was separated for my share of a sales record. Its possible I set more than one record with Juan. I would also like to see my evaluation please. I would like to add that i am the victim of an illegal lockout by the Denver dart program, there were also fake police involved. I was illegally held and detained for 6 months w/o an attorney. I was restrained and given shots for the sole purpose of trying to discredit my mental health status. (Just some extra information) I am currently sleeping by a church in applewood in the Lakewood side of the district. I could use some immediate assistance.



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To the following parties: David E. Bailey and his family, including his new married family, Anne E. Auld, Jason Auld, Michelle K. Bailey, Tim Root, the Monarch Mills HOA board and some Monarch Mills Residents, Heather Somerville, HMP, and the Denver Police Department including members of D.A.R.T.

FELONY:  Theft (18-4-401),    Theft by receiving (18-4-410)

You will be charged with felony theft if you have taken any possessions belonging to Nicholas Bailey out of the residence of 1475 Delgany st #208, since January of 2010. This will also include the recent Lockout and self-help eviction that has been reported to the Denver District Attorney’s office along with the Denver FBI. It will also include trespassing, and property destruction, theft of personal and confidential information.

I also reserve the right to seek entry on my own now according to Colorado eviction law.  In no way was the property abandoned.

“B. In Event of a Lockout Any form of self-help by a landlord, including locking a tenant out of the premises, is not permissible. Actions such as physical contact or intimidation should be reported to the police. If a tenant is locked out, the tenant may not force their way back into the premises. A tenant should seek legal advice prior to attempting to re-enter the premises on their own.”

I would like all my personal possessions returned to my mother’s physical property address. This also includes any Memory cards, Compact Discs,  personal letters (8 hand written letters from David E. Bailey addressed to Nicholas Bailey), 2 copies of her will, The original Deed along with the quick claim deed, all financial documents, 5 suitcases full of clothing, Remains of Susan L. Bailey, Shoes, Tools, Furniture, Electronics, Art, Bicycle, Etc..

I would also like all of the properties that were in the name of Susan L. Bailey when she passed returned or inserted into her estate trust if they never made it there the first time. Soon this will also include bank accounts, stocks, and all other  personal property.

I am also seeking immediate restitution for all damages to the physical property, this includes missing and damaged personal property.

(If the FBI and the Denver Police will not uphold the law, then I do have the right to.)

blocked help request

Posted in Uncategorized on January 17, 2013 by Nicholas
blocked request to inform them that their games are being stolen while the sites are being blocked in the United States.Asylum Seeker Nicholas Bailey
Denver Colorado

blocked request to inform them that their games are being stolen while the sites are being blocked in the United States.
Asylum Seeker Nicholas Bailey
Denver Colorado

word document

word document