A message in the heart of Darkness.

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its what is to come.... The future...

its what is to come…. The future…


Worm Hole

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Dinner perkins Denver  1-1-13

I left StarBucks in Denver Co. at around 8:20pm on 1/1/13 and 20 minutes later there was this electrical storm. I saw a huge hole open up in front of me… I steped through it.. KABLAAAAAAAAAM!!

I was in McLovin VA.

stupid fuk…

Im at StarBucks in colorado

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Im sick of Mark Zuckerburg assisting criminals and known terrorists. - prison time Mr. Zuckerburg

Im sick of Mark Zuckerburg assisting criminals and known terrorists. – prison time Mr. Zuckerburg


login attempt by me at a Target store in Denver Colorado USA.

login attempt by me at a Target store in Denver Colorado USA.


Mail warning after I tried to login to my account from a target store. TheIP traced back to Arizona and I was unable to access my account. (again) This function was just disabled the other day. multiple people are accessing my facebook w/o my consent. Originating from the Denver library all the way to facebook in CA.

Mail warning after I tried to login to my account from a target store. TheIP traced back to Arizona and I was unable to access my account. (again) This function was just disabled the other day. multiple people are accessing my facebook w/o my consent. Originating from the Denver library all the way to facebook in CA.

Happy B-Day Me~!

Webform conformation number – Y2V5NRC

Shhh... I was just in Texas, now im at the C.I.A. HQ.Shhh… I was just in Texas, now im at the C.I.A. HQ.

Im at StarBucks in colorado

30 minutes trying to log into my facebook while others are using my account.

To the DoJ – JUNE 18th, 26th 2012

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From: Nicholas Bailey (teahero@live.com)
Sent: Tue 6/26/12 1:48 PM
To: denver@ic.fbi.gov; askdoj@usdoj.gov; criminal.division@usdoj.gov; phoenix@ic.fbi.gov

To the DoJ and the FBI,

As a recap. On 6/15/12 I was released from CMHI Ft. Logan due to my case being dismissed, after a very long struggle fighting the Colorado Mental Health Statutes.  The only reason  I was on a Mental Health Hold was due to a letter that David E. Bailey (1499 Blake st 7G) wrote to the Denver Probate court and the City Attorney. Case 12MH060

David E. Bailey is currently and has been using his influence to persuade judges, doctors, and attorneys to cause harm to me or rather oppress me. He has gone out of his way to endanger me using the states resources to do so. Case 12MH060, 12MH136.

On Feb 22nd 2011, I reported a series of crimes to the FBI, 7 offices. It was about David E. Bailey manipulating bank accounts and stocks because he did not want to follow the Last will and testament of Susan L. Bailey. (My Mother) this has been going on for several years now. Since early 2007. Large amounts of money in stocks and bank accounts have been altered at his request. My mothers original will was not followed. A will that is protected by Colorado and United States Law.

On 6/15/12 I learned that the locks to my condo unit were changed and I could not gain entry. The condo at 1475 Delgany st #208 was my place of residence. It use to solely be in the name of Susan L. Bailey. I believe that David E. Bailey has executed and illegal eviction (lock out / Self help eviction) on myself while I was at Ft. Logan or possibly in Denver Health under the same mental health hold.  He gained the 2 copies of my mothers will that were in my residence and has also disposed of all of my personal possessions. I have been to the Denver police and was told to obtain an attorney, I was lead to the Denver police by the Denver District Attorneys office. Both of witch claim this to be a civil issue and will not assist me.

Since 6/15/12 – I have been sleeping on the ‘streets’ usually in parks on benches.  I am owed a large sum of money due to my mothers will that was mishandled. If you need a guess I would rather do that in person. I have basically nothing left. I have e-mailed every Landlord Tenant attorney off of the Colo Bar Assoc’s list. I currently do not have an attorney, I have also applied for legal aid about this situation.(13 day wait for my application) *There are other items that were in my condo that I believe could be useful in finding my missing friend Tina Nguyen (DoB 6/14/90 South Carolina?.?.). Who also I believe was kidnapped by her cousins and father in later 2008.

I do believe that if I am not in danger now I will be soon. I also fully believe that my request in help finding asylum in a foreign safe country due to the monies owed to me and the physical threat that is manifesting is justified.

Please send someone to assist me as soon as possible. This is not a joke.. Please also contact the United States State Department.


Nicholas Bailey  — Denver Pub Library, computer 42.


From: Nicholas Bailey (teahero@live.com)
Sent: Fri 6/29/12 10:13 AM
To: criminal.division@usdoj.gov

DoJ – Criminal Division,

Could you please tell me who and what were the proper authorities I have reported this to? I have reported this to every law enforcement agency I could think of that would cover crimes of this type. I would just need a specific group or agency. Could you also please remind this specific agency about my current situation and the steps I have taken since January 2011?

Thank you,

Nicholas Bailey

From: teahero@live.com
To: denver@ic.fbi.gov; askdoj@usdoj.gov
CC: phoenix@ic.fbi.gov
Subject: requesting a meeting
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2012 10:37:02 -0600

Department of Justice and the Denver FBI,

Since early 2011 I have been trying to report major crimes that David E. Bailey and several others have committed. I have also tried to report a missing persons that I believe was kidnapped by a terrorist ring, trying to give helpful information about her whereabouts and events that took place. I cared for her deeply and I am now under the impression that she was brutally beaten to death after suffering for 2 years being drugged, raped and tortured.

After 120 days fighting the Colorado Mental Health system and winning my release and also obtaining a clean mental health status. I formally request immediate assistance from the Federal United States Government.

I was released from a state run mental health institution on Friday June 15th, 2012 only to return home and find out that the locks had been changed on my living unit w/o any notification to myself, and after a brief telephone conversation with Michelle K. Bailey (Half-Sister) I was lead to believe that ALL of my personal possessions including; clothing, furniture, 200 year old reverse painted on glass with gold leaf game board, childhood memorabilia, heirlooms from the estate of Susan L. Bailey along with her remains, evidence that I believe could be useful in the investigation to the kidnapping of Tina Nguyen DoB 6/14/90 – 60 Gig HHD from a laptop and a 8 gig HDD from a SCH-I 910, Legal documents and confidential letters written to various forms for the United States Government, have been taken and disposed of, sold or are currently in someone else’s possession without my consent.

Since 6/15/2012, I have been trying to contact friendly family to seek shelter. I have been unable to achieve this, I have also been trying to find legal help to gain entry into my mothers condo at 1475 Delgany st #208 where I have resided since 2005.

On 12/16/2111 I formally requested assistance in finding asylum in a foreign safe country of my choosing. To this date I have not heard a response.

I request a meeting with the FBI and someone from the Department of Justice, please also notify the State Department. Today or tomorrow would be ideal.

Nicholas Bailey


> From: Criminal.Division@usdoj.gov
> To: teahero@live.com
> Subject: RE: Bailey, Nicholas FW: Urgent Serious Criminal Activity
> Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2012 12:55:30 +0000
> Dear Nicholas Bailey:
> Thank you for writing the Criminal Division requesting an investigation of judicial misconduct. We have been asked to respond on the Division’s behalf.
> The Department of Justice, after reviewing your correspondence, has determined that the issues as presented do not provide sufficient details or evidence to warrant action by this office. From the information that you have provided, it appears that your concerns have already been submitted to the proper authorities. Consequently, we are unable to assist you at this time.
> Again, thank you for writing the Criminal Division. We regret that we cannot be of further assistance.
> Sincerely,
> Correspondence Management Staff
> Office of Administration

Delinquent law enforcement in Denver

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Help please

From: Nicholas – (nickbailey919@hotmail.com)
Sent: Sat 12/01/12 4:25 PM
To: attorney.general@state.co.us (attorney.general@state.co.us)

I’m sorry to inform you that I am being harassed by the Denver police along with some private citizens and that I have not been reimbursed for the illegal lockout and self help eviction that happened to me while I was being illegally detained. I would like to press charges against the Denver DA’s office along with some Judges that are fully aware but continue to ignore my situation.

I would also like to remind you that I am an Asylum Seeker to escape opression of this country, and that I have not gained entry to any of the residence that were under my mothers name: Susan L. Bailey, that were stolen from her estate. along wuith the residence I was living in before I was illegally arrested and locked out of my house also not to mention the multiple mental health holds and lying theripists that helped detain me and force me to take poisonous drugs that can cause DEATH.

I am being followed by Denver police, private citizens, and Mental Health employees (who also owe me money). These are felony stalkers.

Asylum Seeker
Nicholas Bailey.
Denver Colorado.
Only legal heir to the Estate of Susan L. Bailey.




Original again—


From: Attorney.General@state.co.us
To: nickbailey919@hotmail.com
Subject: RE: Law issue (Urgent)
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2012 20:48:23 +0000

. While we understand your situation is disconcerting to you, Colorado is a “local control” state by both citizen preference and state law. Therefore, we have no jurisdiction over a municipality or special district, and efforts to address local government issues must be handled at the local level.

The Attorney General’s Office is neither authorized nor allocated the resources to provide legal advice, or counsel to private citizens. As chief legal counsel to state government, the Attorney General is responsible for protecting the public interest, but does not serve as legal counsel or advisor to individual citizens. Additionally, we are not authorized by law to involve this office in any civil matter or in any one individual’s case.

We recommend contacting a private attorney through the local bar association or local legal aid office, who may provide free legal advice regarding your situation.

We regret this office cannot be of further assistance to you.

From: Nicholas – [mailto:nickbailey919@hotmail.com]
Sent: Friday, July 13, 2012 10:21 AM
To: Attorney General; ccrd@dora.state.co.us; denver@ic.fbi.gov; lmk@denverda.org
Subject: FW: Law issue (Urgent)

To whom it may concern,

For almos a month now I have been locked out of my house by David E. Bailey. He has removed all of my personal belongings, finincial records, confidential documents, and some evidence about a missing persons case that I reported last year.  I was waiting for the FBI to come and get. (Tina Nguyen DoB – 06/14/1990 South Carolina)

I would like to know when someone was going to arrest David E. Bailey about this matter and help retrieve my belongings. He was not acting alone in this event. I believe that his son-in-law Jason Auld also caused considerible property damage to the property and has written several comments or remarks about my missing friend that I have not read yet. Jason Auld has served in the US Army. Another that I believe has a good deal of my belongings is Michelle K. Bailey.

I would like to get into my house to see the damage and be able to report my personal property missing/stolen.

Nicholas Bailey

From: nickbailey919@hotmail.com
To: denver@ic.fbi.gov
Subject: Law issue
Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2012 12:36:41 -0600

To the Denver FBI,

I believe you are aware that I am locked out and I am under the impression that ALL of my belongings have been stolen. You must also be aware by now that in no way have I said or attempted to abandon my residence of 1475 Delgany st #208 Denver Co 80202.

B. In Event of a Lockout Any form of self-help by a landlord, including locking a tenant out of the premises, is not permissible.
A tenant should seek legal advice prior to attempting to re-enter the premises on their own.

It has been 2 weeks, I have made several attempts to hire an atty in the private sector and I have also contacted Colorado Legal Services. I need to gain entry into my unit to verify that there is major property damage and that my personal possessions have been removed/stolen.

There has not been any form of notice given to the city and county of Denver. Who can help me? I need an answer now please. I have $142.00 remaining.

Please help, I do not know who to go to anymore.

Nicholas Bailey

Letter to the N.S.A. and pictures

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CIA-letters 7-4-2011

Where is my Resume?

Here it is! October 18th 2011                            Identification pics!

myFormsAction1                                                   Identification

myFormsAction2                                                   Proof 5 pic




(kiss) :-*

Waiting to leave this country Web Form – JJG267

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stay off of my facebook, e-mail accounts and away from my job. you are in direct violation of United States Law.

I am still waiting to see Carrie K’s subpoena.  I would also like to see the subpoena where you have the right to block my phone calls.

I am currently seeking asylum away from the united states of america. I am also owed around 700 Million United States Dollars.

I have been kept from my house since January 10th 2012 by the city government of Denver Colorado while all of my possession were removed from my house by criminals (This includes 2 copies of the Last will and Testament of Susan L. Bailey and all instruments I.E. The Susan L. Bailey Revocable Trust.). Criminals with past records of this same behavior. All of my possessions have been reported stolen in some form or another including phone calls to the Denver DA’s office and police.

**Not included**

Nicholas Bailey – Asylum Seeker, Denver Colorado. 720-369-6685.

First request for assistance was on 12/16/11 after a year of e-mailing the FBI and Central Intelligence Agency w/o a response.
Still sleeping outside as of 9/25/12